The Billboard

The Billboard


I been seeing this post often on my facebook page , even better its an actual bilboard near my hometown. When I fly out next week on my trip I will drive right by this billboard and it will make me think how many people are reading this. Now I have no problem with the bilboard as I am a strong God fearing woman who knows God uses opportunities such as this bilboard to shine his light. So lets evaluate this bilboard a bit. The first thing that strikes me as odd is that the billboard actually says CHRIST -mas. Really , the organization left the Christ in Christmas which Christians have been trying to get people to put back in for the past several years. So many people shorten the word to Xmas, only as s shortened version but many protest put the Christ back in Christmas. The Atheists who do not want to acknowledge the existence of God nor Christ chose to keep Christmas in their bilboard. Wow, God I know that was your doing. My second observation of the billboard is people often chose to do opposite of what they are suggested to do. How many people is this going to strike their hearts to go to church instead on Christmas. I think many will go to church just to prove a point that thisl sign is not in their right mind. It pains my heart that these people feel as if church, God, and Christ are all fairy tales. Because even once a person gives their heart over to God and accept Jesus as their Lord and savior it is far from a fantasy land we live in. No fairy tale endings in my life. The creditbility of the billboard is shot down quicker than it was put up.

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