Non-Sensical Rant. A Day in the Life of Me

Non-Sensical Rant. A Day in the Life of Me


Today hasn’t exactly went as planned. My day actually started at the end of my work shift last night. I got off a half hour early cause business was extremely slow. My total income for the night was $25  which only amounted to half of a bill overdue. In some ways I was happy I didn’t make it to church last sunday as I still had my tithe tucked away in an envelope in my purse. On the other hand I was forced to borrow God’s money and take control of a situation. This is never good.For this I am feeling much guilt. So maybe I did slap God in the face a little. At least I know I am forgiven. See finances is one thing God has been working with me on lately. Finances and time management. I tell you I am a hot mess! Oh yeah we are also working on my addiction to social media. So I went by the bank deposited $50 into my bank account and headed home. As I got into bed under the covers I managed to achieve my nightly goals of evening devotion and 15 minutes of reading. I really didn’t want to put my book down but I did. I fell fast asleep. My morning began later than usual. Reading blogs and text messages before even doing my morning devotion.Tsk Tsk. I spoke to a friend on the phone in an awesome God-given conversation but it threw me all off whack. I spent one too many hours on Facebook and before I knew it the time had gotten away from me. I received my afternoon text from my mom asking about lunch and my response was I hadn’t eaten yet. During my couple hours on Facebook I did manage sneak in a few goldfish crackers I had beside my bed but nope at 1 pm still no lunch. I finally convinced myself to get off Facebook , but not before leaving a crazy status update. The status read ” my goodness this day is running by so fast. I am off schedule and dealing with way to much.Please keep me in prayer , there is a lot I am wrestling with right now.Thanks, God Bless.” After posting my insane Facebook status I began working on my financial budget. Can anyone say, “HEADACHE!”  I am not sure how I am surviving financially these days. This has to be by the grace of God even though I borrowed his money last night. I spent a good hour on finances. I was looking for my In Touch Magazine and came across my bag of Trail Mix. Darn it,  I still havent eaten yet. So I grabbed the Trail Mix and headed over to WordPress. Now I am reading over blogs and picking the M&Ms out of my Trail Mix. I wonder why they put the little buggers in there to begin with. I am starting to notice the mix is becoming less of a mix and more of just M&Ms. So that is how I spent my Thursday afternoon. In another fifty minutes I will be showering and heading to work. Hopefully I will be blessed with enough money to pay God back and add what he is owed for the night. Have a good night y’all.562043_354799774567842_112229065491582_841734_376039784_n

Remember God loves us no matter what the circumstances may be. We are all beautiful in his eyes. We have our daily short comings but he still will always love us and call us Children of God. Also life is too short to worry about the things that don’t always go as planned.

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