The Devil Made Me Do It!

The Devil Made Me Do It!

cross-of-christ “The devil made me do it!” Eve told Adam,  and Adam told God, and we tell God. Is it not true Satan is behind all this discord? Wait, how come Satan is not getting punished for the choices I am making then. Satan had his consequences, he was thrown out of Heaven.   The Devil is also a  spirit therefore he can not be punished for our bad choices.As noted in Romans 8:28 we are punished by death for the acts we choose to commit. This verse explains we die for our sinful nature.  Please don’t be naïve , we sin everyday up to 24 hours in a day.  The stronger our relationship with God is the more we tend to sin. So what exactly is sin ?  Meriam-Webster has 2 main definitions of sin. I am not content with any of them really. My own definition would be; an act brought about from the ideas of Satan in which causes death to all humanity. The bible is very specific on recognizing not one sin is greater than another. So regardless of the magnitude of sin, the consequence is still spiritual death.  So this an idiotic, over zealous creature caused all humanity to be put to death. Well thank you Satan for dooming all of humanity.The good news is an Omniscient , creative,  passionate spirit of God came and saved us from this impending doom. Jesus’ life and death on earth rectified this dooming reality for all of us. Then  lets review some the most difficult questions. Do you believe a murderer is worthy of this grace? The bible says if the murderer accepts Christ before earthly death the  murderer has a home in heaven. What if the murderer dies before hearing the gospel, the good news, the redemptive power of Jesus blood? Will this man find his way into heaven?  God has a place in his heart for them as well.  I look back at my marriage and the man I married. He was a horrible husband and unfortunately still  is a horrible father to our children, I often ask God ” Will this man ever change?”  God tells me “Yes,  he has to make the choice to change. It’s not you who will change him ” I often  think of the things this man has done to us and think ” he does not deserve the grace of God!” but I have to put myself in check and know it is not up to me to decide whether he deserves the grace of God or not. Everyone deserves the grace of God. God is battling to continuously discontinue evil from this world. I assume He probably doesn’t need our added stress of being judgemental as well. We are renewed on this earth as we accept the grace of God. We will  be made new.  When I think of all my sin and stupidity, I think of Christ suffering and death.  He didn’t take on the sin of the world as a whole but rather took on the sin of each of us individually. Please, let us remember every time we choose to sin we add another thorn on his brow and mark on his back. Just a little to think about  before we chose to  deliberately defy God again.
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2 thoughts on “The Devil Made Me Do It!

  1. This is a great post. God gives everyone multiple chances over a lifetime to come to Him. You are so right in saying that we all individually have a choice to accept or reject. I think we give too much credit to the enemy with our own bad choices we make every day, but the closer we get to Jesus, the more aware of the the correct choices we need to make.


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