Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX

sea vs patriots
Seahawks or Partiots?My feed is blowing up right now.  Most my friends are rooting for Seahawks. Me, I am rooting for NO MORE!  I used to say I don’t believe in super bowl sunday, its national domestic abuse day. For years I had been taught that super bowl sunday has the highest reported incidents of domestic violence than any other day of the year. This is a current controversy though it doesn’t really matter which day it ranks. What matters is that partners engage in domestic violence at all.  I was taught this and believed it way before I had been involved in a domestic abuse relationship myself. Being involved in the situation intensifies my displeasure for the sport all together. Super Bowl XLIX has changed my views just a bit. This year in particular they are making monumental history.  Let me tell you why.  This super bowl is running a 60 second public service announcement specifically geared towards Domestic Violence Awareness. This is determined to draw great awareness to an awful secret which plagues our society. So kudos to NFL and thank you for taking this initiative.
To view the Ad follow this link Super Bowl PSAdv
If you see, hear, or suspect someone is in immediate danger call  911 
National Domestic Violence Helpline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) If on this website and in danger of getting caught there is a caution symbol in the left corner that allows to quickly escape the site.
Do not be afraid to call the number if you need answers about this epidemic.

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