Note to self on idividuality

Note to self on idividuality

To tie into my previous blog on Yes I partake in Lent…..No I am not Catholic I kinda want to delve into the subject of individuality.  I, as an individual try my hardest not to be judgemental of any particular religion. I was reading a blog yesterday and the writer wrote: I don’t want the voice in my head that sometimes questions whether my God is the “right one” when I’m certain that there’s a girl somewhere whose Muslim or some other religion. ( Click here to finish reading)    My spirituality is defined by the individual relationship I have with my God. I do believe my God is the one and only true God and with that my  responsibility is to act in Peace and Love. I am not at peace if I am  arguing with others about whose God is right. Now my God does call me to a fulfill a great commission.  Fulfilling that great commission has nothing to do with numbers. We are not going to stand before God and Him say Ruth brought 700 people to Christ and Miranda only brought 1. Ruth you may enter,  Miranda you may not. God looks at Ruth and says you brought 700 people to Christ , job well done. Miranda you brought 1 to Christ job well done. God would never compare his children.. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am only responsible for planting the seed and God makes the seed grow. God  only utilizes me to grow some seeds not all of them and most times not even the ones I had planted.  Beware:  Individuality could be my worse enemy as well if i fail to protect it. If i get wrapped up in my  individuality without God I  become selfish and my spiritual life will suffer. This can come in the form of choosing to stay home and watch online services. I will still read my spiritual growth books and study my bible, but alone! i  have in the past fallen into the I  can do it all on my own trap. This sets me apart from fellowship with my brothers and sisters and will stunt my spiritual growth. If I am not growing I am not christfulfilling Gods plans for my life. So to recap my relationship with God is an individual choice only I  can make. Once I  make this choice God treats me as an individual. My relationship with God is only between him and I. The relationship is not a threesome which involves Ruth, God, and I. This would cause great spiritual pain, envy, and feelings of inadequacy. I worship God on an individual basis. I  love God on an individual basis. I give him my all as an individual. When I worship, pray, meditate the world stands still and  its only him and I.  To realize individuality is to realize that Christ died on the cross for me and only me. The greatest gift of all is realizing he loves me as an individual. I encourage you to delve into your own individuality with God!

If you have never felt the love God can give you as an individual and want to know how click here


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