Things that do not make sense

Things that do not make sense

The rabbit and the dog and the cat and the song. This is what my days have been so lately. I have worked so hard at becoming the best coworker I can be and still sometimes the negative thoughts come back up at me. One day I will look back and see where I have been and where I should be. What is wrong with my heart and what is wrong with my mind. Who accepts me for me and who accepts he for he. I don’t really know what the future holds but the life a bandit is not for me. Sometimes we just need to type out words and thoughts that may not even make sense but in another realm they are all too familiar. Does anyone in this world succeed or is just the ones from a hinterland. He came about one day without even knowing that he was the prince of the land and he was in charge of all understanding. When the understanding was given a name the prince lost his loyalty. Then the queen arose out the ashes and overthrew the understanding. When the understanding fell into the river up rose corresponding. Corresponding married the queen and became the royal court in never never land.

If you think none of this makes any sense just think of how we blindly follow what people say on social media and make arguments.

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