Be My Valentine ~Love God

Be My Valentine ~Love God

I stuck the beautiful heart-shaped cake in the oven. Then I added the potatoes, corn , and chicken  to the boiling water. It was that special time of year. This was going to be one Hot valentines day. After doing homework with the children I removed the cake from the oven and added red food coloring to the frosting. After I added the shrimp and crab to the water the kids and I frosted the cake.  I got the kids ready for bed early popping in their newest  Disney movie. We were going to have an in-house Valentines Day.  A half hour later I checked on the kids and they were sound asleep but he was still not home. I wonder what had happened. I wonder if he got in an accident. No call, No show,  I was really starting to worry. I try calling his cell phone and no answer. I waited another hour and finally I heard the exhaust pipes of his motorcycle. Whew, well at least he is safe. Two hours late but safe. He walked in the door, he reeked of alcohol. I couldn’t believe it. Valentines Day and he is out drinking with someone else possibly even some other woman. I hugged him as he walked through the door and told him I was worried about him. He became very angry and threw me up against the wall. He told me goodnight and went to bed. I was devastated. I never wanted to celebrate another Valentines Day again. The following year didn’t prove to be much better. Instead of getting chocolate and roses it was black eyes and bruises. On February 11, 2010 the abuse landed me in jail. Year 3 and yet another horrible Valentine memory. In 2011 once again I was in jail on Valentines day and 2012 , well lets just say at least I had my children in 2012. 2013 and 2014 missing my children more than anything and the Valentines Day was not helping in easing the pain. Today! Today, is February 14,2015 and guess what? My Valentines Day rocked. God woke me this morning saying Happy Valentines day Sweetheart. God has been whispering sweet nothings in my ears all day long. God is my rock, my strength and my Love for life. God is my number one Valentine and when he asked me to be my Valentine all my negative memories have faded away. Only God can take a mess and clean it up with Love. The best part about it is Gods love is so supernatural that no human on earth can be the Valentine that God is to be today and forever.
If you have never felt the love God can give you and want to know how click here
If you are in a domestic violence situation and need help click here

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